O & O

Orfali & Orfali is an award winning Architecture and Interior Design firm based in the heart of London.

Founded in January 2017, O&O was established to bring timeless modernity, effortless elegance and playful designs through an understanding of both; our client and the site. We create inspiring and beautiful places to live, work and relax.

Our design strategy is commercially viable; we keep our overheads as low as possible, so our clients are certain to achieve an excellent, higher quality service, and creative design at exceptionally competitive rates.

We provide exemplary design services to all discerning clients, no matter how big or how small their projects are.


Mazin, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born in London and grew up in East Sheen, a cosy suburb away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was an ideal location, close enough to nature with Richmond Park on your doorstep, and close enough to the built environment in central London; Waterloo was a short train journey. I’ve always been fascinated with property from a very young age; watching my father build our house extension (and living on a building site) to watching him acquire, develop and manage his property portfolio. I absolutely loved watching his ideas materialise.

I assume he was a pretty big influence in your career?
Of course. He unconsciously primed me to love all things property related. So much so, the other Orfali in the company name is testament to him as he has shed over 50 years of property and architecture knowledge over the years.

Where else did you learn the ropes?
I gained my Architecture degrees at Brighton University and the AA School of Architecture. I was taught by some incredible world leading Architects and theorists; later working for UN Studio in Amsterdam, Benoy, Michaelis Boyd and Finchatton in London. Each firm brought something different to the table, whether it was designing South Korea’s largest shopping mall or project managing the ultra high-end penthouses at 20 Grosvenor Square.

You’ve mentioned architecture a few times, what about interior design?
Interior design is essential to developing the architecture to another level. An ideal scenario is to undertake both packages simultaneously; interior design enhancing the architecture and vice versa; they allow us as designers to play with all our human senses to create something extra special and extraordinary.

After winning a Westminster design start-up award, explain what makes you different to the other design firms?
We have to focus on two sides; the business and the design. On the business end, we minimise all our overheads to give our clients a huge cost saving. We don’t splash out on fancy offices, instead, we operate as a hub working on laptops from any of London’s coworking spaces, sometimes in our commercial clients office to meet their tight deadlines! On the design side, we love holding our clients hands through the project, not everyone can read a floor plan or fathom an original idea. We make sure we push for originality and beauty, whilst ensuring the client is clear what they’re getting for their investment.¬†Whether its attending a design exhibition with our clients to tailor their homes with the latest designs, or to an Italian quarry to pick their marble slabs. We always thrive to exceed our clients expectations and leave them with a happy face.

Where do we find you on weekends?
Hopefully away from a screen.