Our services can vary significantly depending on the size and type of project and the specific requirements of our client. O&O are professionals in all fields listed below, allowing our clients to achieve a more holistic service for their projects.


Architecture allows us to plan, design and construct the form, space and ambience of your project, whilst coordinating and consolidating all other consultant packages into a coherent set of information for the contractor to build from. Utilising current innovative technology, O&O tailor the architecture creating superb and accurate results on every occassion. Architectural services may include new-build homes or commercial spaces, residential extensions/conversions and building refurbishments.


Interior design is the art and science of enhancing architectural interiors  and their furnishings. If there is a space needing TLC, our interior design team can bring it up to and beyond your expectations. O&O tailor your indoor spaces and make them inspiring, functional and beautiful to the eyes and the rest of your senses.


Project management organises and coordinates consultant and material resources throughout the life of a project to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participation satisfaction. At O&O, we believe it is essential to set the ground rules before a project commences to minimise all risks associated with the construction process from beginning to end.


FF&E, in other words: furniture, fixtures and equipment, is a service where we fill your rooms with the accessories it needs to function and look incredible. Think of it as specifying the items that fall out if you tip the room upside down. O&O take a step further and negotiate with all suppliers from around the world on your behalf, saving you time and money.


Feasibility studies are preliminary considerations undertaken to assess a projects viability, to help identify feasible options and assist in the development of wider documentation such as a business case, project execution plan and strategic brief, all before a client invests into the project.


Planning applications are fundamental to ascertain whether or not the local council will grant permission for undertaking work to a building or a piece of land. At O&O, we have a great understanding of current planning restrictions and local planning policies to fully maximise the potential of a clients project. Whether we’re submitting an application for a house extension or changing a buildings use, we will always strive to achieve favourable conditions for our clients.


Contract administration is the process of managing contracts that are made as part of the delivery of a built asset. O&O manage contracts between the client and their nominated contractor, ensuring the agreed contract(s) are adhered to by both parties. With so many contracts available, O&O will clearly advise the client on the most suitable contract.


Site surveys are detailed studies undertaken to supplement and verify site information provided by the client. O&O begin with simple walkover surveys and progress to more detailed surveys focusing on specific areas; whether it is a full measured site survey of an existing property or a photographic schedule of condition survey before work commences.

Unsure which service you need?

It’s ok to not know which service you need. Undertaking a construction or renovation project is a complex web of regulations, professional consultants and pitfalls, which is why we’re here to help. Simply drop us an email with a ‘Hello!’; we’ll ask you the right questions and be able to advise you which services you’ll need.